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360 Photo Booth: Types And Features 

What is a 360 photo booth?

A photo booth is a modern kiosk which is a fun way to elevate events of all kinds. A 360 photo booth is a profitable investment to make your event a success. Glamorized through social media, it adds a unique charm as a party prop. 

How does a 360 photo booth work?

A 360 photo booth captures a video of subjects standing on a platform from all angles. It films a video using any kind of camera mounted on a revolving stick. The photo booth includes in-built software, overlays that can be customized, animations, slow-motion mode and even boomerangs. 

All that you need to do is stand on the platform, while the revolving camera will do all the work by capturing a 360-degree video. The 360 photo booth can capture up to 120 frames a second. These booths are extremely versatile, and they support smartphones, DSLR cameras, iPad and even GoPro. 

Once the video is taken, we can transmit it to ourselves via email or text message. There are also several customised filters and overlays to choose from. The most convenient part about the booth is its one-click trigger system. You can also adjust the timing triggers according to your convenience. 

360 Photo Booth Set-Up Equipment 

A 360 photo booth is user friendly and does not need lots of professional equipment to work with. However, lights and angles are an important element as they greatly influence video quality. We recommend the SpinPix360 ring light which ensures proper illumination and can be adjusted if it is too harsh. Apart from the lighting equipment, you need not worry about anything else.

Automated photo booths need a power source in a near radius and manual ones don’t. You may buy extra set-up equipment like chords for an automated photo booth in case you fall short of them. You can also get a multi-plug system so that proximity is not a concern. For manual photo booths, only lighting equipment is needed. 

Key Features of a 360 Photo Booth

1)Personalized Video Experience: A 360 photo booth has a wide range of filters to choose from with an option to even customize your overlays, how cool is that! From slow-motion videos to boomerangs, the 360 photo booth is perfectly versatile. You can overlay your videos with aesthetic filters or can make goofy memories with the animation mode, 360 photo booth has got it all! 

2) Equipment Support: Video booths are highly versatile when it comes to what device to use while the video is being taken. A 360 camera booth supports all mainstream camera devices including smartphones, iPads and even professional DSLR cameras. You can attach any camera devices you have to the revolving arm which is adjustable and size versatile. Therefore, one need not invest in heavy camera equipment.


3) User Friendly: A 360 photo booth is much easier to set up than a traditional photo booth. Most of the brands provide an instruction manual with pictures which makes the entire process even more convenient. Manual 360 booths are practically cordless and do not even need power support. You can simply place it wherever you’d like as a party prop. 

4) One-Click Trigger: The photo booth has a one-click trigger which means that it only takes a single click to start the videography. This is a feature usually provided by automated photo booths. They have automated software which is triggered at a single click. This makes the set-up user-friendly and easy to use. Such mechanisms need power sources.

5) Instant Video Sharing: You can share the final draft via email, text or even Bluetooth. This makes it hassle-free to use. The automatic 360 photo booth works with inbuilt Bluetooth systems. For the manual 360 photo booth, you can interchange the devices that you are taking the videos on and share the video through that device.

Types Of 360 Photo Booth 

There are two common types of 360 photo booths offered. The key difference between both of them is the software offered and the selling price of course. There are tech-friendly as well as manual setups available. 

Following are the two general types:

1) Automatic 360 Photo Booth

An automatic 360 photo booth comes with automated software and a remote-control system. A power source is required for this model. Automated software has vast features that can control the speed, lighting and angles of your video. These are super handy mechanisms and have a hassle-free setup. They are expensive yet the maintenance cost is almost negligible which makes this a great investment. 

2) Manual 360 Photo Booth 

The manual 360 photo booth is portable as it does not require a power source. Manual booths are a budget-friendly option. You only need to manually spin off the revolving arm to start. They come in two standard sizes of 27’’ and 35’’. You can choose the size which is more fruitful for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions About 360 Photo Booths

How many people can fit in one go?

A 360 Photo Booth can accommodate a maximum of 5 people in one go. The Manual Spin photo booth is 27’’ and is budget-friendly but it can only accommodate 3 people at once. We can observe how size plays an important role when it comes to accommodation. You may choose your desired size according to the event you may be hosting. 

How can we attach our devices to the booth?

As mentioned above, a 360 photo booth can hold up a variety of devices like smartphones, iPads, and even DSLR Cameras. There is an adjustable stand for phones and a threaded screw for cameras. 

A 360 photo booth is definitely worth the hype and can take your next event to the next level. It is a clever investment, especially if you are an event organizer. The high-quality videos, exceptional lighting and customizable overlay option make it worth the investment. From your secret handshakes to popping champagne bottles, let the 360 camera booth capture it all!

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