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5 Pro Tips for Writing a Professional Email
5 Pro Tips for Writing a Professional Email


3 Pro Tips for Writing a Professional Email

Over 246 billion emails were sent every day in 2019. In this world of ever-increasing technology usage, those numbers have only gone up. If you’re still not confident in your email etiquette, it’s time to brush up on your emailing skills.

Writing a professional email is easy if you have the right know-how and tools at hand. Keep reading to find FIVE tips on writing and responding to emails the right way.

1. Start With the Subject Line

A strong subject line will not only catch the recipient’s eye but let them know what the email is about. Take a few moments to think of a subject that gives the recipient a reason to open your email. A vague or absent subject line is bound to find its way to the junk bin.

Keep the subject brief and to-the-point. If you’re notifying the recipient of an upcoming meeting, you could say “Upcoming Team Meeting” in the subject. It’s brief but it doesn’t tell the reader much.

To make it even more powerful, try something like “Team Meeting – May 11 at 11 am.” This example tells the reader everything they need to know without even opening the email.

The subject is an essential part of your message, especially if you’re a digital marketer. You may already use services like Email Oversight to help improve the deliverability of your next campaign. But if you’re not writing the right subject line, your campaign will fall flat.

2. Proofread

If you want to know the secret to writing an email like a seasoned pro, it’s proofreading before sending it!

Spell check is your friend for any type of professional correspondence. An email with a handful of grammatical or spelling errors not only looks unprofessional, but lazy as well.

Many email providers offer built-in grammar and spell checking which should cut down on a lot of errors. It isn’t a bad idea to get into the habit of doing your own proofreading before hitting send, however.

You may also want to consider using a Text to Speech tool to have your emails read aloud to you. Hearing your words spoken aloud can help you find a lot of errors you’d have missed by reading silently.

3. Identify Yourself

The “from” line notifies the recipient of who they’re receiving mail from. But, if you’re emailing someone who’s not a close colleague or associate, your reader may not know who you are.

A quick opener that says who you are is crucial. Here is an example:

Hi, Sandra.

This is John Smith from Your Business Name Solutions. I was looking to touch base with you about XYZ.”

This type of opening is professional, friendly, and to-the-point.

You may also wish to include an email signature at the end of every correspondence. Include your first and last name, professional designation, and phone number.

Writing a Professional Email Made Simple

Writing a professional email doesn’t have to be a laborious task. Take your time, use our tips, and you’ll be writing a good email in no time flat.

Check out more of our blogs for more tips on making your workday easier.

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