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2021's Top 5 Wallpaper Trends
2021's Top 5 Wallpaper Trends

Home Improvement

2021’s Top 5 Wallpaper Trends

Did you know that the average person spends over $9,000 on home improvement projects each year?

If you’re looking for affordable upgrades that can make a big impact on your living space, then you should apply wallpaper to freshen things up. Once you see how exciting everything looks, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

So how can you decide which type of wallpaper will fit best in your home? Keep reading to learn about 7 of the latest wallpaper trends that can inspire you.

1. Accent Walls

If you’re not sure you’re committed enough to buy wallpaper for an entire room, then you can start small with an accent wall. This is a quick project that can add tons of intrigue to the room. From different colors to patterns and textures, an accent wall is guaranteed to turn heads in the best way possible.

2. Abstract Art

Lots of people are interested in funky wallpaper designs that are fun to look at. Anyone who’s more of a minimalist can especially benefit from abstract wallpaper, because it can help make the room feel fuller and more welcoming.

3. Paneling

Paneled wallpaper can make any room look fancier without having to fuss with remodeling your actual wall structures. Another bonus is that you can avoid dust buildups. You may not think that flat wallpaper can pull off this appealing illusion, but you’ll be a believer after you apply it.

4. Murals

Why bother with shopping for all kinds of paintings and hammering holes into your walls when you can just apply mural wallpaper instead? Whether you’re interested in living room, office, or bedroom wall murals, every guest who visits will rave about your decorating skills.

5. Florals

Floral prints will always stay in style, which is why you can never go wrong with a charming floral wallpaper layout. Floral patterns are surprisingly diverse, which means it’s easy to create a summery, romantic, gothic, cute, and chic vibe. No matter what your unique vision is, you’ll be able to find a floral wallpaper that complements your taste.

6. Brick

Just like paneled wallpaper, brick patterns also look incredibly realistic. Introducing brick into a room is the perfect way to create a rustic feel that makes your home feel warm and welcoming.

7. Ceilings

Who says that you have to save your best wallpaper for the walls, and that’s it?  One of the coolest modern twists on wallpaper is to apply it to the ceiling to create more depth in the room.

You’ll Fall in Love With These Wallpaper Trends

If you’ve been considering giving your home a makeover, then these wallpaper trends can help inspire you. It may seem like a simple addition to your home, but new wallpaper can breathe new life into your entire living space.

Did you enjoy these wallpaper ideas for your home? If you want to know other ways you can transform your house into a safe and cozy space, click around our site to find more great tips.

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