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18-Wheeler Accidents
18-Wheeler Accidents


18-Wheeler Accidents: What to Do if You’ve Been Hit by a Big Rig

At 65 miles per hour, it takes the average 18-wheeler truck about 525 feet to stop. That’s a tenth of a mile!

No matter how much you care about road safety, the chances are slim that you put that much space between you and semi-trucks. 18-wheeler accidents are all too common when traffic stops on a dime.

It’s easy to panic and forget what to do when you’ve been in a vehicle collision. Yet, there are some simple steps to take following a commercial truck accident. Take a look at what you should do to be ready in the worst-case scenario.

  1. Check in With Others and the Authorities

The first thing to do when you’re lucid and can walk after an 18-wheeler accident is to check in with your passengers and anyone else involved. Make sure everyone’s alright and help anyone who isn’t.

Get contact and insurance information from the other party or parties. Don’t talk about anything else because it could impact future insurance claims and/or legal battles.

It’s wise to contact an ambulance, as you can’t always tell how serious auto accident injuries are at first glance. The more medical care you get, the easier it is to get reimbursed by insurance companies.

Whether an ambulance comes or not, you should call 911 to alert the police about the accident. If you don’t, a court of law may find you responsible.

Don’t assume someone else has called or be worried about calling twice—If the authorities already know about the crash, they’ll tell you.

  1. Document the Truck Accident Scene

The next thing you should do for the best chances of getting insurance reimbursement and winning any legal cases is documenting the accident itself.

Gather license plate numbers from the semi-truck or trucks and any other cars. Take pictures of everything to back up your case.

  1. Gather Other Evidence From the Crash

After you collect documentation by yourself, reach out to others for further evidence. Local businesses and highway authorities may have security cameras that might have caught the incident and could share the footage.

Talk to the truck driver as well or call their company if that’s not possible. Commercial trucks often have the company phone number printed on them.

  1. Call a Lawyer Experienced With 18-Wheeler Accidents

Once you’ve completed these steps, getting in touch with an attorney is a good way to go. Take a look at more from to understand what a truck accident lawyer can do for you.

You may not have to go to court or haggle with insurance companies. Still, it’s wise to get a free consultation from an attorney specializing in these cases. They’ll have insight into the situation and give you a better idea of whether you need their services.

More Advice and Information That Makes Life Easier

Memorizing these tips about handling 18-wheeler accidents can make a nightmare situation easier to navigate. If you want to relax after a stressful event like a vehicle collision or learn how to make everyday life easier, you’re in the right place.

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