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Services you may need as a homeowner
Services you may need as a homeowner

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12 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without an Air Conditioner

The CDC mentioned that illnesses caused by extreme heat kill more than 600 people in the US yearly. That is why it is essential to understand how to cool down, especially when the temperature is 90 degrees or higher.

While deciding whether you should get an air conditioner or not, there are easy ways to keep your home cool even without one. 

1. Cover the windows

It can get really hot, especially during the summer months. The best way to keep your home cool during such times is to shut or cover your windows, particularly if they receive direct sunlight. Otherwise, the outside heat can enter your home.

A good option is to use shutters or an awning outside to stop heat from entering before it comes in contact with the glass. You can also opt for energy-efficient alternatives such as cellular shades.

Aside from preventing heat from coming in and circulating in your house, shades can help keep cool air inside. Dark curtains and shades are other good choices for controlling the heat and sunlight that enters your house.

2. Take advantage of the wind

You can stimulate airflow if your house has cross ventilation. To make cross ventilation in your space, install a window-mounted box fan inward in your window and another box fan outward in a window on the other side of the room. This allows air to penetrate your space and cool it down. 

3. Install insulated window films

A window film is a thin laminate that can be applied to either the outside or interior of a glass surface. Window films can eliminate 98 percent of infrared heat when compared to bare windows. These can also help to alleviate temperature irregularities in your house.

Insulated window films can also offer other benefits, including privacy and great views and can help lower your energy bills. You can install them yourself or by professionals.

4. Consider getting a whole-house fan

Whole-house fans, also known as attic fans, are mounted on ceilings to push out hot air through the attic vents and pull in cool air from doors and windows. You can enjoy a relaxing breeze in your home because of the air exchange.

Compared to air conditioners, you can save more when you use whole-house fans to cool your home. They’re also great if you decide to have an air conditioner since you can save on electricity bills during spring or fall.

5. Arrange your fans properly

Fans don’t make the air cool; instead, they promote airflow within a given space. This can help increase evaporation, making your space cooler.


For this reason, it is crucial to position your fan correctly. You can place it low to the surface in a corner, allowing cool air to circulate. Another option is to place your fan in a position where it can pull in air from cooler areas to go around in warmer areas of your home. 

6. Create cold air

Do you know that you can create your own ocean breeze? What you need is a bowl of ice and a fan for this. Fill a bowl with ice or put an ice pack, then place the bowl in front of your fan. Turn your fan on and enjoy a misty- and chill-like ocean breeze.

7. Rotate your ceiling fans counter-clockwise

Ceiling fans are a great idea to cool your home when you don’t have an AC. Aside from keeping you cool during the hot weather, ceiling fans can also maintain and circulate warm air during the cold season.

You should, however, pay attention to its settings. When it’s hot outside, the blades must rotate counter-clockwise when you gaze up to flow the air down. On really hot days, you can also increase the fan speed.

8. Turn your bathroom fans on

Hot air can be moved out of your home by using bathroom fans and kitchen exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are simple to install and provide an easy way to stay cool.

9. Cool your curtains

Opening all your windows to cool your house down might not be effective. In this case, cover the opening of your window with a sheet sprayed with cold water. When the breeze comes in contact with your sheet and passes through the cool and moist sheet, it can lower the temperature in your home. 

10. Plant vines

Having an awning and vines work can have the same function of cooling your home. Vines such as ivy grow fast and provide shade. They block sunlight that causes your exterior walls to heat up, lowering the temperature in your home. A good idea is to build a pergola covered with vines in your backyard to provide a share for your deck or patio.

11. Do chores in the evening

When you do chores such as using the dishwasher, oven or doing the laundry during the day, you allow hot air to fill up your room because of the use of hot water. You can keep your home cooler by doing chores that generate heat at night. Another suggestion is to clean your dryer vent regularly, so the cycle doesn’t last long. 

12. Substitute your incandescent lights

An estimate of 90% of energy is wasted by incandescent lights from the energy they produce. So, when trying to cool your home without an air conditioner, it would help a lot if you opt for compact fluorescent lights to help cool your home and lower your electricity bill.


Finally, now that you’ve learned how to keep your home cool without using an air conditioner, while these methods may not be as effective as having an air conditioner, these cooling tips can come in handy. This is truer during summer. The methods you choose will depend on your preference.

If installing an AC is still crucial to you, click here to find a reputable HVAC company near you. You will find a qualified contractor that will install the right AC for your needs to keep your home cool.

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