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11 Must-Know Adult Child Maintenance Facts

In today’s society, adult child maintenance is a hot topic. More and more adults are having children later in life, meaning that there may be an adult child to take care of them as they age. If you’re an adult with a child who is not yet able to work or live on their own, it can be hard to know what your rights are when it comes to maintaining contact with your family members.

In this blog post, we will discuss 11 must-know facts about the law surrounding adult child maintenance!

  1. If you are seeking child support, your adult child must be in a position to work and live on their own – if they can’t do this, there is no need for child support – it will serve no purpose!
  2. The court will consider your adult child’s health when deciding how much child support you should receive – if they are unable to work due to illness, this may be taken into consideration!
  3. If your adult child is able to work but chooses not to, they will be expected to contribute financially towards their support – this means that kids who are 19 years or older and go on an extended vacation without telling you where they’re going may be legally obligated to pay back what it costs for them!
  4. Joint custody is not automatic when it comes to adult child maintenance – if your adult child wants joint custody, they may have the right to request this!
  5. If your adult child is 18 or older, they may be able to request that you no longer receive maintenance from them – however, this does not mean that you cannot still have a close relationship!
  6. When it comes to adult-child maintenance, your health is always a concern – if you have been diagnosed with an illness that will affect the amount of money they are able to earn in future years, this may be taken into consideration!
  7. If your child is struggling financially, it may be possible for you to receive a percentage of their earnings if they are employed!
  8. If your adult child receives an inheritance, they may be required to share the money with you – this will depend on what state you live in and how much is received!
  9. If your adult child gets married or has a child, you may be required to stop receiving maintenance – however, if they fail to do this it will not affect the amount that is owed!
  10. If your adult child has a job, they may be required to stop contributing towards their support if the amount of money you receive from them is equal or greater than what it would cost for them to live on their own!
  11. When receiving maintenance from an adult child, there are specific types of expenses that can legally be paid by them – these include things like rent and medical bills!

In conclusion, adult child maintenance can be a touchy subject, but understanding your rights and responsibilities is important to ensure that the entire family maintains an active role in each other’s lives!

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