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10 significant life lessons Taught by the Marvelous Twilight Saga series
10 significant life lessons Taught by the Marvelous Twilight Saga series


10 significant life lessons Taught by the Marvelous Twilight Saga series

While not everyone may seem thrilled at the mention of Twilight Saga, some fans hold the series dearly.

As such, they don’t dwell on the negative aspects of the series but learn important lessons they can apply in real life. Some learnt from Twilight saga when young and still incorporate those lessons into their daily lives today.

Indeed there is so much to talk about Twilight Saga failures.

But don’t you think hate comes from something popular?

I tend to think that Twilight Saga received hate similar to the amount of love the series received from its fans. There could be thousands of people who tell a story that they don’t know about. They talk about the toxicity in the relationship shown by Edward and Bella. But, they have never read any books or watched the films.

Think about that!

I stand to respect people’s opinions. Everyone is open to multiple opinions and has their own interpretations. You can learn from something negative.


Isaac Newton was a bad guy but had so much scientific truth.

Away from that. If you watch all Twilight movies in order, you get to experience these life lessons more profoundly. In that order, you also get to have a better understanding of the love story between the vampire (Edward) and Bella (Human).

Below are the lessons

10 Life Lessons to Learn from Twilight Saga

1. Make the right choices

Life is all about choices, and whatever one chooses has consequences, whether big or small.  According to the author, no matter where you are in life, you have a chance to make choices.

Bella chose what was right for her (Edward) but it was not easy.

The viable option would be to marry Jacob, but she decided to stick with his first love. Jacob would have fitted in her normal life because he was a human and not a vampire. The relationship between Edward and Bella was quite toxic.

2. Believe in yourself

According to Cullen, one should do with whatever he is given, and Cullen has to do the best with what he has to work with.

Everyone has the urge to get others to believe in them, and when this doesn’t happen, one feels disappointed and may get into desperation.

No vampire would agree with Cullen because he decided to behave differently from vampires.

But Cullen believed in himself

3. Be determined in everything that you do

Bella seems to be significantly determined to be in love with Edward even though she is aware that Edward is a vampire without fearing that her blood would be sucked out.

4.  There is no time bound for those who love each other

Bella’s heart would have broken in two when Edwards suggested they rethink the vampire-human love. Those who love one another don’t want to be separated.

5. It is normal to have your love and affection pulled to more than one person

This is seen between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. The key is to maintain one as a normal friendship and keep the other as a relationship..

6.  You can get wealthy through compound interest

Cullen was damn rich.

He has long-term planning through investments. With the help of Alice, he was able to predict changes in the stock market, and this brought in huge returns.

7. Money is not everything

Though The Cullens are rich, Edward seems to have gone through pain and suffering way before Bella came. Also Rosalie despised him.

In contrast, Bella’s mother belonged to the middle class and seems to be content with what she had.

8. Not everyone should know your life issues, even your closest friends

Bella and Edward’s love was complicated, one is a vampire, and the other is human. They had to keep Bella’s father off from knowing about the relationship. They did this to protect him from Volturi.  On this note, I tend to think parents would hate Twilight.

9.   Sex leads to pregnancy, and if not planned well, there are harsh consequences

Bella becomes pregnant during her honeymoon. If the father had known about this, he would have stopped Bella from moving on with the relationship, and Bella would never have become pregnant.

In Breaking Dawn, it seems this was an excellent lesson to Bella.

Besides, the baby would be a monster, which meant that it needed more care.  Her spine and ribs broke during labor because the baby was too big.  But Edward injected venom into Bella’s heart. Bella would have almost died when giving birth to Renesmee.

10. There is no true love without jealousy

Edwards seems to be possessive and wants to control all that Bella does. He tries to isolate Bella from her family.

He even destroys Bella’s truck to avoid her going to see Jacob.  Also, Edward stalks her persistently, and when it seems impossible, he uses his vampire power to stalk her using others’ thoughts.

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